Do I need a professional contractor to install my flat track hardware?

If you’re a DIY weekend warrior or good at reading instructions, you should be able to install flat track hardware provided you have the solid blocking needed to attach the flat track to the wall, either inside the wall or with extended head casing on the finished wall. (See installation instructions for more detail.)

Basic tools required include:

  • A 3’ – 4’ level

  • Power drill with 3/16” drill bit to attach anti-jump blocks and pre-drill your door for hangers

  • Adjustable wrench or socket set to attach lag bolts for the hangers

  • Router or circular saw to cut a groove into the door for the floor t-guide.

If that sounds a little beyond your skill-set, hire a local professional contractor.  

Can I mount flat track directly to drywall?

Only if there is reinforcement inside the wall behind the drywall.

How do I size my door for the opening?

The purchased door should overlap the opening by 1” on each side. Example: A 36” wide door will have a 34” opening.

How much ceiling clearance do I need for a flat track system?

There should be a minimum of 6” of clearance between the ceiling and the top of the door hanger.

Can I mount flat track hardware to a hollow core door?
  • Can be done, but not really recommended.  

  • If using the T-floor guide, a 1/4” groove must be cut into the bottom of the door to hold it in place. This might compromise the integrity of the door since hollow core doors are reinforced around the perimeter.

*When it comes to hollow core doors be careful 

Where should I use bi-parting (double) doors instead of a single door?

Bi-parting doors are a great solution for spaces where there’s insufficient clearance on a single side to fully open a sliding door. Two smaller doors to either side can still allow for a sliding door in tight spaces.

How do I select the number of heavy duty hinges I need or choose between disc or ball bearing hinges?

Richards-Wilcox hinges are very heavy duty, meant for doors or gates that weigh a substantial amount > 200 lbs. The number of hinges and type required is usually calculated by height, weight, and width of a single door panel and daily use. Consult our Customer Service Agent for help in determining what you need.



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